Make your own embossed wreath

Fancy creating a wreath with a difference?

This handmade copper wreath kit will certainly create a show stopper, not only this Christmas but for many to come, as unlike natural wreaths it won’t decay.

Learn metal embossing skills to create your own 3D designs and use copper wire to embellish the wreath further. This is such an easy skill once you know how … so inside the kit you will find simple to follow step by step instructions as well as a link to an online guided tutorial by The Art Doctor UK.

This is suitable for beginner craftsters – no experience required.

***Create a personalised wreath by embossing the family names into the leaves, or add foliage designs and shapes of your choice.***

The Kit contains everything you need to make an approx 14″ Wreath:

– Special foam embossing mat (A4)
– Set of specialist embossing tools
– Set of specialist embossing metals (4 x A4 sheets – 1 for practice)
– Set of Specialist Craft Wire
– 12″ Rose Gold/Copper coloured wire wreath base
– Printed simple step-by-step instructions
– Instructional Video Link
– Compostable Storage box & Plastic Free Packaging.

You will be shown a range of techniques in the video/instructions and get to experiment a little before committing to your design by using the spare embossing metal. You will learn, embossing, wire sculpting, metal sculpting and composition skills by creating your own wreat at home.

Optional: You have the option to burn the metal with a hand held heat gun or small blow torch to reveal the beautiful colours conducted by the metal. Blow torch/heat gun not provided. Please wear safety googles and gloves, and use safety equipment.
You will need to provide your own scissors to cut your embossings out.

This is usually a very expensive art form to learn, so make the most of this bargain while you can!

*************************There is nothing else like this on the market!***************************